How big are Wasp Nests in May?

How big are Wasp Nests in May? Not very big is the answer! The picture here shows the actual size of the wasp nest in my shed on 31st May. It’s the same wasp nest shown in the previous photo with the hook on it. It’s still tiny and certainly there no wasps inside it […]

When do Wasp Nests start and how?

When do wasp nests start? You can quite clearly see here a new queen wasp crawling over a new stalk she has made that is fixed from inside a shed roof. This forms the very start of a wasp nest that could be up to 12-foot across at the end of summer! The second photo […]

Low Cost Pest Control Norfolk & Norwich

We undertake all aspects of Pest Control Services for both Domestic & Commercial properties throughout all the Norwich & Norfolk areas. Our business offers a Professional and Low Cost Service with a Fast Response. With over 25-years experience we are one of the top pest control businesses in Norfolk and offer free, unbiased advice for […]

Norwich homes infested by fleas

Does your home have a cat or dog flea infestation and no matter what you use to control them, why are they still there? Why is that and where are fleas from. You’re not alone. Many households across Norfolk experienced the same problem this year and suffered from itchy bites to the ankles and legs and […]