Norwich homes infested by fleas

Does your home have a cat or dog flea infestation and no matter what you use to control them, why are they still there? Why is that and where are fleas from.

You’re not alone. Many households across Norfolk experienced the same problem this year and suffered from itchy bites to the ankles and legs and needed a fast flea removal service. Some bites are quite aggressive and a trip to the doctor can be required. Fleas are active right through the year and not just restricted to the warmer summer months. Fleas love heat so if your house is kept warm and you or your cat inadvertently pick up one or two fleas you can bring them back home as unwanted non-paying guests. They even get free food – your blood!

Don’t invest too much money on flea bombs or sprays as they are not very effective. That’s what many of our Norwich customers have told us when they ring for specialist advice and flea eradication from us.

Remember, cats and dogs can get tapeworms too by ingesting an infected flea whilst grooming. Therefore, you need to see your vet for qualified advice on flea and tapeworm control. Also bear in mind that about 90%  of fleas live in your house and just 10 % on your pet so to get rid of fleas it’s essential to have a pest control fumigation for fleas by a pest control specialist.

If you need help or advice on flea control or need to book a treatment, please call us on 01603 905530.