Control of Booklice (Psocids)



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Norfolk & Norwich Pest Control can effectively control Booklice. We provide inspection methods to investigate where Booklice are living and breeding. Problems we have uncounted are Booklice feeding from moulds from new kitchens within homes, older properties and damp storage warehouses. Although not a major pest they can build up to large numbers and spread across a home or industrial unit.

About Booklice

Booklice are minute in size but visible to the naked eye. They are light brown or translucent in colour about 1mm long and fast moving. There are several species of Booklice and they all have soft bodies. Booklice cannot fly they feed and live around damp surfaces and areas with a relatively high humidity. Adult booklice feed on microscopic moulds that grow on glue of book bindings, cardboard boxes, kitchen unit assemblies etc. They can also infest foods especially cereals. They survive poorly in dry cold or dry heat.

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