Rats in walls of Norwich outbuilding

Having received a call-out for an infestation of rats following complaints of gnawing at night and loss of electrics, the owners decided to call Norfolk & Norwich Pest Control to investigate. However, the brief was to only identify where the rats were.What caught our eye was we were able to take this photo within the […]

Bumblebee populations increase

We have noted a steady increase in the number of calls for advice on bumblebees in Norfolk, especially Norwich. Most calls come through as an enquiry to destroy the nest. Due to the high number of calls we teamed up with organisations across Norfolk to preserve them by way of offering advice. Key issues surrounding […]

Bedbugs on the increase in Norfolk

Bedbug infestations are slowly on the increase in Norwich and areas of Norfolk. Twenty years ago we’d never seen a bed bug. Due to the rise in the number of people travelling or working out of Norfolk, bedbugs can easily be spread in baggage and second hand furniture. Be careful when buying used mattresses, beds, […]

Wasp nest removal at a low price in Norwich and across Norfolk

We’re beating our competitors hands down in Norwich and across Norfolk for getting rid of your wasp nest again this year. Now in 2016, we still love making you happy to keep you wasp and sting-free. Have you been quoted over £60.00 for a standard wasp nest removal? Unless you’ve got hard earned money to burn, come to us. All work is covered […]

Trichomonosis jumps species barrier from feral pigeons

Trichomonosis, a disease in birds caused by a microscopic parasite has killed up to an estimated third of greenfinches and a third of chaffinches in the UK. Trichomonosis is common throughout feral pigeons and doves with up to 80% carrying the parasite. The columbid parasite jumped the species barrier from pigeons and doves into garden […]

Fruit Flies invade Norwich

Plagues of Fruit Flies have been infesting pubs, restaurants and even homes across Norwich and parts of south Norfolk over the past week or two due to our early warm spring. They are small, annoying flies that favour fermenting fluids and semi-solids like beer, wine, fruit juices and ripe fruit. Fruit Flies hover about head-height […]