Bumblebee populations increase

We have noted a steady increase in the number of calls for advice on bumblebees in Norfolk, especially Norwich. Most calls come through as an enquiry to destroy the nest. Due to the high number of calls we teamed up with organisations across Norfolk to preserve them by way of offering advice. Key issues surrounding callers are as follows in terms of concern: mistaking them for wasps or honeybees, ‘will they sting?’, concerns with children, pets and livestock and lastly aversion to this order of insects.

There are 24 species of bumblebee in the UK, although only a few are common in the garden or attached to your house. Bumblebees have been found nesting in Norfolk within the soffit of the roof, wall cavities, loft spaces and bird boxes. Bird boxes are ideal if they contain an old bird nest.

Unlike wasps, bumble bees are quite placid and do not usually sting. However, there are circumstances when you may need professional advice on what to do or how to identify them. Norfolk & Norwich Pest Control are recognised as an informative source to identify, advise and hopefully preserve bumblebees and you can call us on 01603 905530 for further information.