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Clothes Moth can seriously damage carpets & clothing

Clothes Moth can seriously damage carpets and clothing

 Clothes Moth are extremely destructive.  They are an unwelcome guest but Norfolk & Norwich Pest Control have a solution to control them. There are several species of  clothes moth that are within the UK and the most common are the Common Clothes Moth and the Case Bearing Clothes Moth. Like other insects, the moth’s larval stage (caterpillar) is the part of their life cycle that  cause damage. In the case of the clothes moth they damage textiles by grazing the fibres. They actually digest the oily keratin from natural fibres including wools, silks, cottons and feathers. Incidentally, keratin is protein found on human skin, hair and nails too. Carpets and clothing that has been attacked shows distinctive bald patches meaning some items are fit only for the bin. Some holes are small and some are big – like the carpet shown in the picture above taken in a home in Norfolk.

About Clothes Moth

Clothes Moth can lay up to 400 eggs over their life time. These hatch within ten days and they turn into their destructive stage which is the larvae. The bad news is they can remain in their larval stage for up to two or three years, which is why you may not see many moths flying around your home. It depends on temperature and humidity as to when they turn into their third stage, the cocoon. Their spent cocoon cases can often be seen when their develop into their final stage of development, the adult. From here the cycle starts all over again.

Further Advice and treatment for Clothes Moth

Norfolk & Norwich Pest Control have effective control methods to help clothes moth removal from your carpets and clothing. As professional pest controllers we can identify where they are living and breeding and treat them accordingly. Natural fabrics such as wools, silks, furs and cottons are a prime target in wardrobes.  Never underestimate Clothes Moth. We have seen them creating holes in carpets,  infesting felts on the keys of the interior of a piano and even ruined 12 Persian rugs. By the way, it’s unlikely your insurance policy will cover the damage as usually insects and vermin are excluded by the majority of insurance underwriters. Best get them looked at sooner rather than later. Call us on 01603 905530 for further help and advice.

Clothes moth cause damage to clothing not as adults but as larvae.Case Bearing Clothes Moth larva crawling on rug