Cluster Flies on window

Cluster Flies are the only true fly that hibernates into homes and buildings in England. They are a particular nuisance because they constantly buzz and you are forever vacuuming them them up – only to have to repeat the whole exercise again the following day. Norfolk & Norwich Pest Control are experts in their removal.

A word of advice though. Only contract a pest control professional to treat them and never allow someone to light a ‘smoke bomb’ in your loft. Ask them if they use these. Many businesses will use smoke bombs. Some businesses such as mole controllers, cleaners etc advertise they control cluster flies. They probably have little experience and will not have a portfolio of clients like ours that have entrusted us for years. Smoke bombs are cheap but for technical reasons are ineffective. There is a risk of fire as they are a lit object. It’s doubtful you will be insured if there’s a fire.

Norfolk & Norwich Pest Control use a system that is much more efficient and there are no lit objects! We carry out such work for schools, Norfolk’s finest properties, houses that come via Norwich’s letting agents and of course standard housing. It doesn’t cost any more money for a fire-free treatment. You can call for advice without any obligation.