Cockroaches in Long Stratton

Cockroaches – all you need to know

Cockroaches under sink unitCockroaches post treatment by Norfolk & Norwich Pest Control

What do cockroaches look like?

How do I get rid of them? How much will it cost? Contact Norfolk & Norwich Pest Control for advice. Most websites you find on the internet about cockroaches give the same information that’s of little interest to anyone who is in urgent need of fast, accurate advice. Normal questions people ask me are: ‘What do cockroaches look like (so I know if I’ve got them or not)’, also ‘How do I get rid of them, and ‘How much will it cost’ Find out here what you need to know that can help.


Cockroach outbreaks are rare in Norwich and across Norfolk compared to major cities like London and Birmingham, for example. You may not have them. If you think you do then read on. So how do you acquire experience in cockroach removal from buildings if there’s hardly any in Norfolk? I hear you ask. we reveal all. My answer is you need to carry out cockroach control as a pest controller in a place that does have a endemic cockroach problem. As well as working in Norfolk, we work in East London and have done for many years. If you think your problem is bad, try living in a block of flats in Tower Hamlets in London. If we can shift them from a block of flats we can certainly control them in your Norfolk home or business in Norfolk.

Not many pest control businesses in Norfolk have hands-on experience in treating homes or businesses for cockroaches. I know several pest control businesses that say they treat cockroaches – but are actually gardeners! This makes my skin crawl more than the thought of having cockroaches in my own home. Training and experience is king for cockroach elimination.

Have I got cockroaches?

There are two main cockroaches we have in Norfolk. These are German Cockroaches and Oriental Cockroaches. The former is small and straw coloured and the latter is big and reddish-brown. Look at the pictures here to see if they look like the insects you may have. Make sure they’re not the harmless Cockchafer (June Bug). Google this and look at the pictures for the Cockchafer.


The most common in this country – and Norfolk is no exception. These are bad news because they have sticky pads on their feet like a fly so can climb anywhere. They prefer hot and humid conditions so high risk areas are kitchens, restaurants, takeaways, laundrettes, hospitals. However, some homes and offices can have them too. HMO’s are a prime target. You’ll usually only see them at night because they don’t like the light. They run quickly across the floors and walls.


Oriental cockroaches are less common than German Cockroaches and found in cooler areas such as drainage systems, sub floors, bin areas, cellars etc. I’ve seen them around London walking outside during the summer around communal bin stores. They are not good at climbing so that’s why you usually find them at ground level. They are quite slow moving.

Oriental cockroachOriental Cockroaches

Useful information about cockroaches in Norfolk

Cockroaches are amazing insects. Their species are millions of years old and will be here long after the human race has finished. You’ll be amazed how they are born. When mated, the cockroach lays an egg case that contains baby cockroaches. This egg case is called an oothecae. The German Cockroach oothecae is carried by the female until ready to drop it to safely to let the young hatch out. They choose their place to lay the oothecae and it will be out of reach from you.

I’ve seen them on a fire and they have survived, The Oriental Cockroach deposits hers when on the move and these can be sometimes seen in open areas such as kitchens, cellars and bin areas. I’ve seen loads too in drainage systems over the years.

Sprays will not kill the contents of the egg case. It’s thought they could survive a nuclear explosion. Stamping on them will only release the young so never do that.

So, when an egg case hatches out, young cockroaches jump out and are ‘ready to go’. The picture below shows a female German Cockroach that has got trapped and died, The empty egg case can be seen at her rear. When the young vacated the oothecae, they in turn got trapped too – look at the number of young one egg case contained!

German cockroach carrying old egg case.  Young nymphs to right that hatched from  her single  egg case!German Cockroaches (see description above)

Price. So, it’s just down to price. My advice is ensure your proposed pest controller is experienced in cockroach control. Never get duped in paying loads of money because you’re desperate to get rid of them. Call me and I’ll come over to have a look and give you a price for the work. We don’t charge for this. After all, it may be just another beetle from the garden.

What to look for and when:

  • Use a torch at night to look for cockroaches on the kitchen floor
  • Use sticky cockroach detector traps (we can supply them by post) or buy them online at Amazon
  • Look for egg cases
  • Catch an insect and place it in a jar ready to show us and we can identify it for you

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Written by Richard Pummell, Pest Management Specialist