House Sanitisation & Fumigation in Eye

Need a dirty house cleared and fumigated? – we can help

Norfolk & Norwich Pest Control can help you with your property to remove dirt, grime and soiled furniture, such as beds to get it back into shape and clean. With less emphasis now on care homes and more ‘care in the home’ packages available to manage people in their older years, property sanitisation may be required by the family to get the home back in a habitable condition. We see this being more prevalent now than ever before. It may be to let your parents return to their home in a cleaner condition or if they cannot return, prepare it for sale.

Norfolk & Norwich Pest Control provide a trusted and discrete service to clear soiled contents from homes across Norwich. Typically, theses are homes that are infested with dirt and grime or after property eviction, illness, drugs and alcohol abuse.

We are contracted not only by local councils but also by letting agents and the general public. However, most work we carry out is on behalf of private clients.

Our knowledge can help reduce costs with regard to managing the clearance properly. We respect your own or your relative’s belongings and can advise how the work is done. For peace of mind our customers sometimes prefer to be present at the property at the same time we carry out work. Others are empty properties and may have no personal effects present. What ever you want to do we can work with you.

Loft space clearance too

We also clear loft spaces that have become infested with rats. Insulation can be removed from the attic, rodents cleared and new insulation cleared after a the area has been sanitised.

House cleaning and sanitisation

We are equipped to handle vermin, insects, body fluids and sharps. Items are cleared and disposed off in a correct, legal manner and the home is disinfected allowing decorators to move in and new furniture and beds to be installed if required.

We work with private individuals, private letting agents, Norfolk councils and housing authorities across Norwich and Norfolk.

Call us to discuss your requirement and we’ll let you know how we can manage your situation when you need it most.