Mole Control in Brandon

Mole Control service

Need mole control? Moles cannot really considered to be a ‘true’ pest, but are considered to be destructive to lawns, parklands, paddocks and gardens. In true pest control terms, a pest is deemed to be of animal, insect or plant origin that is detrimental to human or animal health.

However, moles can present quite an issue with professional gardeners, farmers, outdoor sports enthusiasts and areas of fine lawn such as those held by the National Trust.


Why are moles controlled?

The most dangerous situations that moles present in Norfolk is damage to agricultural machinery especially when silage is cut for cattle and horses. Moles bring stones to the surface that can damage cutting blades and soil can contaminate silage. Cattle and livestock can damage muscles and ligaments from treading through a hidden subterranean mole tunnels; as can also outdoor sports enthusiasts. Lesser problems include grass verges and village greens being cut and stones flying up from mole hills that can break car windscreens or windows in nearby houses.

Moles in your lawn

Perhaps the most popular reason to call in a mole catcher is to catch a mole that is on your back lawn. No matter what you do, it just won’t go away.

At Norfolk & Norwich Pest Control we use traditional mole traps. We use the most humane traps that do not make the animal suffer. That’s obviously very important, but trying to trap them yourself may prolong agony for you – and the mole.

Not knowing if an animal out of sight and underground and possibly in agony is abhorrent to us all. Best to get an expert in. Finding a good mole catcher is nearly as difficult as trying to rid the moles yourself! Luckily, if we can’t get to you because it’s too far, we know of a reputable catcher that will be able to.

Call us for a quote

You can call us for a quote. We can explain what the price will be and a few other details you need to know, and also we need to know your circumstances such as whether you have any children or pets. Call us on 01603 905530 to find a mole catcher where you live.