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Pest Control in Swaffham
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Do you have fleas in the lounge? How about mice in the kitchen or bedbugs in your bedroom. Don’t know who to call for advice or a free quote? Why not call Norfolk & Swaffham Pest Control’s in-house pest control expert Richard Pummell.

Find out how we can help to remove your pest to keep your home or business pest-free. With over 20-years experience we have some sound advice on how we can help. For your discretion, our vehicles are unmarked.

We have a wealth of knowledge to share with you about why you may have rats or mice invading your home and what can be done to control them – and help ensure they don’t return. In summer time, insects emerge right up to the end of October. We can control them fast to avoid bites, stings, damage to your property or clothing. If you are a business, you may consider calling us on how we can protect your business and staff from pests detrimental to health.

Clothes moth cause damage to clothing not as adults but as larvae.   Clothes Moth can seriously damage carpets and clothing

Wasp nest removal, Swaffham    Here, a wasp nest is shown hanging from the top of the roof. Wasps can be seen guarding the outside of the nest. If inclined, the whole lot will attack with no notice

Cluster Flies Swaffham Norfolk pic[1]    Cockroaches under sink unit

Horror- rats in walls of home in Swaffham, Norfolk - removal    wasp nest in bush

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We at Norfolk & Swaffham Pest Control strive to provide the best value pest control service – which is what our customers tell us they want. No high prices. No gimmicks. Just traditional pest control with cutting-edge pest control products to achieve the best and safest results every time.

We work alongside most of Norfolk’s letting agencies to provide their housing stock with pest control services. You can be assured you’re in good hands with Norfolk & Swaffham Pest Control. Call us today or drop us an email to see how we can help your home or business become pest free.

Our pest control service includes removal of the following:



Cat fleas


Wasp nest removal

Wasp control

Moth (clothes moth)

Carpet Beetles

Cluster Flies (Flies in bedrooms)


Cockroaches (all species)

Ants (Garden, Pharaohs & Ghost species)

False Black Widow Spiders

Pigeon proofing & muck clearance