Pigeon Control in East Harling

 Feral Pigeon deterrent systems

smaller plastic gutter spikes

Norfolk & Norwich Pest Control  have a dedicated service to help keep pigeons off commercial buildings throughout Norfolk. The systems we employ are pigeon netting, plastic or stainless steel bird spikes (not harmful to any bird species) and pigeon repellent ‘fire’ gel.  These are the most time-honoured and effective systems on the market.

Removal of feral pigeons from your home or building will help prevent the following. These are important to human health and preservation of buildings and their contents. Pigeons are vectors of disease-carrying organisms that can be passed from bird to man.

  • Prevention of wall staining caused by pigeon droppings
  • Put an end to blocked guttering
  • Prevention of  possible disease transmission including salmonella, ornithosis and listeria bacteria and a host of others including airborne viral spores
  • Protection of the building structure caused by acidic attack by pigeon guano
  • No more stench from pigeon guano and dead birds (they have a high natural mortality rate especially as squabs (baby pigeons) when on the nest
  • Reduction of flies that live inside the nesting material
  • Other insects, such as moths that may move into a building from nesting material and destroy carpets will be removed
  • No more early morning cooing
  • In a commercial building, the health of staff will be maintained by prevention of air-borne viral spores that emanate from nesting material

courtyard net

 Types of pigeon proofing services we provide:

Pigeon Netting: Norfolk & Norwich Pest Control are installers of  feral pigeon netting to deter the birds from your property.

Pigeon Spikes: Spikes can be steel or plastic pinned and are  fixed on ledges and edges of flat roofs and balconies. They do not harm any birds but are effective in keeping them off surfaces.

Bird Free Gel Repellent: Discs of gel repellent are fitted to ledges and sills to prevent pigeons landing. Again, they will not harm any birds and work by pigeons interpreting the light they emit as fire. The gel is hardened off so birds will not get entangled.

Cleaning: Norfolk & Norwich Pest Control also carry out intensive cleaning of bird fouling.

steel pinned spikes on rs

About Pigeons

Feral pigeons can become a nuisance especially if they are living on your property. The numbers of feral pigeons are increasing especially in town centres  and out-of-town shopping areas. They are a real pest with their droppings on buildings, cars and slippery when wet on pavements. Homes are affected too in the suburbs. Bird nesting contains a variety of insect pests that may migrate into your home. These include bird mite and clothes moth.

  • Feral pigeons (Columba livia domestica) are a descent of the wild Rock Dove, and have adapted successfully to our urban development.
  • Feral pigeons feed from food scraps and will be found in large numbers near to restaurants and parks. Pigeons carry many diseases and can be passed from bird to man.

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